Guest Blogging De-Mystified

So it seems that Guest blogging I still hot discussion in the world of SEO. Should you do it or shouldn’t you do it that is the question?

What is guest blogging?

Someone who posts an article on a blog that is not their own thus a “Guest Blog Post”

Why do it?

Often the reason behind writing a guest blog post will be to add value to that person’s blog by offering content on a product or service that you specialize in. Often these are done in exchange for back links

What has Matt Cutts got to Say?

Well Matt had said to be careful with guest blogging and that the key is

“a guest post is something that a fantastic author has thought deeply about. Posts like that can be a great way to build links or traffic or help with your SEO”

So from what I can tell he is saying that yes they do provide a positive signal. However it should have high quality written content and not any old drivel.

How do I go about guest blogging?

Well rather than me regurgitating information that someone else has explains perfectly on this occasion I am going to provide a link to a fantastic article by Mackenzie Fogelson.

Five Steps to Finding (The Right) Guest Blogging Opportunities


Guest Blogging is something that you should think about as part of you marketing and SEO strategy however tread carfully and make sure that quality comes first, ask youself the question “Would someone find this article useful or does it just re hash information that is already everywhere?”