Not Provided in Google Analytics – What should I do?

There seems to be quite a few different blogs and news sites talking about the “not provided” attribute in Google analytic.

Going back 2/3 years this was pretty much no existent maybe 1% of your organic traffic would not be tracked. Then there was “HTTPS” for Google and then shortly after once you were logged in by default you would be using Google via https secure.

Due to this the Google analytic tracking does not record the keyword that the user came in on via natural search. At the start this was marginally annoying 10-15% of your natural traffic not keyword tracked.

BUT now on some of my clients I am seeing up to 85% not provided and is now becoming a really annoying niggle of my day to day analysis.

Now there are ways to mitigate this gap you have in the analysis by looking at the landing page and a history of the keywords that you used to get more traffic for allowing you to almost put groups of keywords together so to measure how your SEO campaigns are performing.

I wanted to share with you some really good article on this issue one of which gives you some great prebuilt Google analytic report built by a e-commerce consultant I met at a conference last year.

See @danbarker on twitter and check out his NOT PROVIDED GOOGLE ANALYTIC KIT @

Another great piece around “Not provided” is from the legend himself Mr Rand Fishkin from Rand talks about how marketer can use other sources of information to help measure the effectiveness of you SEO campaign without the keyword data 100-percent-keyword-not-provided-whiteboard-tuesday

Another great site that you should keep an eye on is – this site keeps track of over 60 sites and provides the trend average of what there % of not provided is so you can benchmark against your own data. They are currently predicting that all traffic will hit no provided by end of December 2013 – keep a close watch to see if they are right.

Now there are over 10 different articles I have read in the last 2 weeks on this subject and these are just a couple of the most useful. If you have any that you would like me to include drop me a message on my contact us form and if it is going to useful to my readers then I will be happy to add it to my post.